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Namibia Simba is an avid self-taught professional photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Namiba has developed her own style that demonstrates a love of angles that can be seen through many of her photographs. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Namibia studied photography at The University of the District of Columbia in 2002; her studies harnessed the natural talent and sharpened her eye for detail in photography. Her passion and specialties in photography are travel, commercial, lifestyle, architecture, sports, birthday parties, and street imagery. As the daughter of an amateur photographer, Namibia Simba’s early years were spent in her dad’s darkroom or becoming the subject of his pictures. After shunning away from her talent, Namibia left the realm of amateur photography and has spent the last five years honing her skills to develop herself as a better photographer. Aside from her role as a professional photographer, Namibia also works with special needs children. She is motivated and inspired by traveling and exploring different cities to show the rest of the world how it looks through her lenses. Namibia has studied the styles of Art Wolfe, Atiba Jefferson, Lorne Resnick and Chase Jarvis and hopes that one day her will be synonymous with those she has studied and admired.